JOIN eDeal Association

If your organisation is involved with electronic deals (mobile or online), either directly selling to the public or as a partner, you should join eDA.

eDA – the Electronic Deal Association
Becoming a member of the eDA is the first step towards standardising industry practices and uniting the currently disparate eDeal industry. How can you keep up with all information, opportunities, if everything is moving so quickly.

How? Through eDA membership.

Founded in 2012, eDA is the premier international representative body for the electronic deal industry, encouraging high standards of service and reassuring the public that they are buying from a reputable organisation when they deal with an eDeal Association member.

eDA has gathered widespread support from consumers and merchants, and represents major international eDeal providers and partners.

We continually build upon eDA’s existing Code of Conduct, the central element that distinguishes eDA members from eDeal sites that may not offer customers fairness and transparency in their transactions.


Preferred Providers

eDeal Association is looking for well-known providers who offer eDeals in the following sectors:

Daily Deals Flash Sales Publishers Social Commerce
Vouchers Coupons Private Sales